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Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Not arrogance, not being cocky, just made some bad decisions today. Decided to try Shiplake to Maidenhead, 20 miles. Drop car at Boulter's Lock, cycled back and got caught in quite a head wind, got cold. Stayed in the same kit and headed out with Ed starting in Shiplake, assuming the paddling would warm me up. Hadn't eaten enough, stayed cold. This was bad.
To make matters worse the wind was creating waves on the Thames and as we passed Hurley lock, we capsized, I was very cold, we made the decision to bail out, in the race we would have support crew, warm clothes and the proper kit with us, today we didnt. Waterproof case for the phone enabled us to call Gail and she came to get us from Marlow, which meant we had to get back in the boat and make it to Marlow first, arrived and spent the next 30 minutes attempting to warm up in the public toilets.
This was a bad day, but one we needed, this is a cruel, unforgiving adventure, when you get cold, tired and wet, you make mistakes and those mistakes can cost you the race.
Lesson learnt - 7 Ps (Perfect Planning and Preparation Prevents P*** Poor Performance)

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